Terms of Use for the LEA e-Learning Platform of the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences

  1. Scope

    These Terms of Use shall apply to usage of the LEA e-learning platform provided by the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences. In using the LEA platform, the user expressly agrees to these Terms of Use, without any further declaration being necessary to this effect.
  2. LEA

    LEA (Lernen und Arbeiten online, i.e. Learning and Working Online) is based on the ILIAS open source software (an integrated learning, information and work cooperation system); it is made available by the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University and District Library for the purpose of supporting the teaching and learning process. Software development is coordinated by ILIAS Open Source e-Learning e.V. Software usage is subject to the General Public Licence - GPL.

    LEA is aimed at improving the research, tuition and study situation. The offerings shall be designed in such a way as to optimally support your research, tuition and study efforts. To achieve this objective, research is conducted to accompany the implementation process.
  3. Access code

    The LEA services are available to all members of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University. Upon enrolment, students automatically receive a MIA account with which they can log in to LEA after one-time activation. Lecturers obtain access by contacting the E-Learning Team. Guests (guest students, participants in cooperation projects eetc.) are given limited access upon request.

    You are liable for any usage of the LEA offerings that is implemented with the aid of your access data (username and password). In particular, you are required to make sure that your password is protected from unauthorized use. In the event that you suspect or know about misuse of your access data, the E-Learning Team must be notified without delay. Users who make course contents available to unauthorized third parties shall immediately forfeit their entitlement to use the platform.
  4. Scope of usage for the materials made available in LEA

    The teaching and learning materials that are made available via LEA are exclusively intended for private and academic use in tuition within the framework of the legal provisions on copyright.

    In the event that LEA materials are used for purposes other than the aforementioned, you are required to obtain permission from the entitled authors of the materials in question. You are not permitted to redistribute this content, whether by copying, uploading to social networks or AI tools, publishing on the Internet or otherwise distributing it, without the express permission of the author or rights holder.

    The materials used in LEA are the intellectual property of their respective authors and deserve respect and recognition. Please respect the copyright and use the content provided responsibly. Please note that violations will result in criminal and civil penalties and immediate termination of your authorization to use the platform.
  5. Making materials available in LEA through users

    You are liable for the materials you make available in LEA (information, texts, software, images, videos, charts, audio and other materials). In particular, you are responsible for making sure that the documents do not contain any illegal contents or violate third-party rights (e.g. copyrights, personality rights).

    According to §60a Urheberrechtsgesetz (German Copyright Act), protected works such as texts, images, graphics, pieces of music or videos may be used in lectures, seminars and other courses. However, this only applies if the use is made in the context of teaching, is not commercial, serves the purpose of illustration, the organisation of teaching or use as examination material and no more than 15 percent of a published work is reproduced, distributed, made publicly accessible or otherwise publicly reproduced. It is important to note that this exception does not permit unrestricted use. For example, the use of entire works is not permitted unless an explicit authorization or a licence has been granted. In addition, you should always ensure that you respect copyright by correctly citing the source and that the use is within the scope of what is permitted by law.

    Publication of the materials in LEA shall not involve the transfer of rights to the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences.

    The University shall not accept any liability for the contents published in discussion forums, uploads and e-mails within LEA.

    The materials provided within courses, groups, etc. may be checked and inspected by the platform administrators at any time and even without your explicit permission. Materials uploaded to LEA that contravene legal provisions will be removed.
  6. Use of the service "educast.nrw" via opencast

    If video content is provided within LEA via Opencast, the service educast.nrw is thereby used. The following terms of use apply:

    User obligations

    (1) The use of the content provided by educast.nrw is only permitted for university purposes, in particular for purposes of study and teaching, in the context of research and for public relations at the university. The use of live streams is limited to studies and teaching. Any private or commercial use of the service is prohibited.
    (2) It is prohibited to record live streams, video-on-demand, or any other content publicly displayed through the service.
    (3) The uploading of content within the service is only permitted if the user is in possession of all necessary usage rights or if a legal condition of permission is fulfilled. The user assures that the uploaded content does not infringe any copyrights, personal rights or other third party rights. In particular, the uploading of insulting, vilifying or other illegal statements and content ("hatespeech") is prohibited.
    (4) All content must be checked for viruses before uploading.
    (5) The users are obliged to refrain from actions and data entries that could lead to a disruption of the service.
    (6) Violations of these terms of use can be prosecuted under criminal and civil law and lead to a restriction of the rights of use or a temporary or permanent exclusion from the use of the service. In case of violations of these terms of use which result in claims by third parties, the user shall indemnify the university from all claims resulting from the violation.
  7. Use of the Media Portal

    If multimedia content is provided within LEA via the "Videos (Media portal)" object, the content is provided via the H-BRS Media Portal. This is operated on behalf of H-BRS by VIMP GmbH, Munich.

    By default, the media are uploaded "hidden", i.e. they are not visible via the portal, but only for the respective course/group members or via the video link. Please note: Hidden videos can currently also be viewed via the link without a LEA login. We will inform you as soon as this behaviour changes.

    Uploading video material via the media portal is only permitted if the user is in possession of all necessary usage rights or if a legal authorisation requirement is met. The user assures that the uploaded content does not violate any copyrights, personal rights or other rights of third parties. In particular, the uploading of offensive, disparaging or other unlawful statements and content ("hate speech") is prohibited.

    For further information, please refer to the terms of use and the privacy statement of the Media Portal.
  8. Netiquette

    To ensure a good learning and working atmosphere please observe the rules of our netiquette.
  9. Accompanying research and personalised examinations carried out online

    Usage behaviour in the platform is recorded by the system. Some activities you are involved in within the LEA platform, such as participation in interactive (learning) objects, shall be recorded. In accordance with the Terms of Use, you agree that your data is evaluated in anonymized form for academic purposes only, e.g. for the purposes of optimizing tuition, drawing up user statistics, etc.

    LEA provides you with anonymous performance level tests. The related anonymous user behaviour may be viewed by the course administrators and/or other authorized people for the purpose of tracking a user’s learning progress and success.

    Additionally, personalized exams are carried out online within the framework of LEA. The users agree to sit the exam online. They agree that their personal data is inspected and processed by the course administrators and/or other authorized people within the framework of the examination procedure.
  10. Data protection

    In order to set up an account, we process certain personal data which we either obtain from the central student directory (students) or from the user directly (university staff or other users). A detailed overview can be found in our privacy statement.

    For reasons of data protection, data may only be inspected by the E-Learning Team. By default, only your username und full name are visible to other LEA users. However, you have the option to release additional data, to add further information to your personal profile and make it accessible to other users.

    The data stored about you can be viewed at any time via the e-learning team and printed out on your request. Data that is incomplete or incorrect can be amended by prior arrangement.
  11. Changes to the offerings

    Certain LEA offerings – or part of them - may be changed or put out of operation at any time if there is good reason to do so.

    Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University and District Library is entitled to amend each section of these Terms of Use at any time. The updated Terms of Use will flash up subsequent to each amendment as soon as you log in to LEA for renewed activation of its functions. If a user agrees to the amendments to the Terms of Use, he or she shall be bound by the regulations set forth in the amended Terms of Use.
  12. Disclaimer

    The functions of LEA are offered based on “as-is” and “as available”, i.e. without engagement and without any claim to completeness. It is not possible to claim compensation for damage resulting from LEA usage or hindrances to LEA usage.

    You expressly agree to use the LEA offerings at your sole risk. This also includes the risk of downloading data files that contain bugs and can harm your computer. You accept the sole liability for sufficient protection of your computer (e.g. by using virus scanners). The sole responsibility for data security also lies with you as the user. The University shall not be held responsible for any data loss or damage resulting from the loss of data.

    Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University shall accept no liability for the contents of the links to websites of third-party suppliers or any other pages linked to them, unless they are operated by the University.
  13. Termination of the entitlement to use the platform

    Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University may restrict usage of and access to the LEA offerings as well as the duration of and scope for usage at any time.

    The LEA usage entitlement automatically expires on the date of de-registration from Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University. The E-Learning Team may delete your LEA account if it has not been in use for more than 12 months. Student accounts and content are automatically deleted 6 months after exmatriculation.

    As soon as you notify the E-Learning Team in writing or by e-mail (contact data below) that you are no longer interested in using the platform, your data will be deleted.
  14. Contact

    These Terms of Use may be inspected online via the LEA start page.

    If you have any queries, ideas or criticism concerning usage of our University’s LEA platform, please contact the E-Learning Team of the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University: e-learning@h-brs.de

    Postal address: Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University and District Library (Hochschul- und Kreisbibliothek Bonn-Rhein-Sieg), E-Learning, Grantham-Allee 20, 53757 Sankt Augustin.

    Sankt Augustin, 11.03.2024